Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tyree's Daisy

April 16th was the one year Anniversary of my sister in law passing away. In her honor I made "Tyree's Daisy" for each of the girls that attended a girls weekend away in her honor. Tyree was very sick with a blatter and kidney infection and was in the hospital in Cottonwood. She came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon and still wasn't feeling good at all. She slept restlessly Sunday night Monday she woke up, picked up the baby and then called out for her husband doubled over and had what we believed was a heart attack. She was completely unresponsive and not breathing and no heartbeat. The paramedics arrived within a couple of minutes and on the way to the hospital, they were able to revive her. She was in the ICU in Cottonwood all in a drug-induced coma while they checked her out. She was then flown to Banner Estrella Mountain hospital in West Phoenix where whe remained in a drug induced coma and was diagnosed with "Post-Partum Cardio Myopathy". Basically that means that the birth of their daughter put a major strain on Ty's heart, causing it to enlarge and weaken. Because Tys heart was not pumping properly she was not receiving enough oxygen to her brain. We are not sure how long Tyree was not receiving enough oxygen to her brain. Because of this she was diagnosed with some brain damage. After a week or so stay it was decided that Ty would be moved to Barrow Neurological Center in Central Phoenix. After alot of test it was definate that Tyree has extensive brain damage and that she would not recover. All movements that we had been seeing are results of reflexs from her brain stem, not her actual brain. After less than a week stay at Barrows Ty was transfered to a hospise. After a 3 week battle Tyree passed away peacefully with her husband by her side. If you would like to read more about Tyrees story you can visit Tyree's favorite flowers were daisies. Her funeral was filled with daisies just the way she would have wanted it.

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  1. Oh my word that was such a sad and and very touching story. I am sorry for your loss. I am sure that each person who received a pendant in Ty's memory was equally touched....God Bless....