Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vintage Clay Jewelry

Here is a piece of "Vintage Clay Jewelry" that I created. Hopes this helps get your creative juices flowing.


Amate Studios XL Square Pendant Micro Beads
Fimo Clay Pasta Machine
Texture Plate Clay Knife
Craft Paint Jewelry Glue
Foam Paint Brush Baking Tray
Metallic Pen Oven
Scrap paper Pencil


Use scrap paper to make a template of the inside of the pendant. Set aside.
Condition clay as directed on package.
Roll clay in Pasta Machine on largest setting.
Press texture plate firmly into clay.
Use template to help cut out clay with clay knife.
Bake clay per directions on package of clay.
Let clay piece cool completely.
With foam brush, brush craft paint lightly over top of clay. Let dry completely.
Use the Metallic Pen to highlight any areas that you would like, you can make dots, dashes or anything else you would like.
Glue clay into Amate Studio XL Square pendant using jewelry glue.
Now for a finishing touch you can add come jewelry glue to the edge and pour Micro Beads over the glue. Press Micro Bead into the glue to make sure that they stick. Set aside to dry.
Finally attach to your favorite chain or to a beaded necklace.

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  1. Hi Susan! I found you through the Amate site. I love Amate products! I sell several on my site and also use them in in my projects :). I just posted a fun project in a recent blog post using tiny frozen charlotte dolls. I'll be sure to check your blog often!