Thursday, January 26, 2012

A long over due update

It's a new year, I finally have an updated computer that doesn't take an hour to down load a simple picture and a new goal of posting on my blog at least once a week. Since last posting only a mere 2 1/2 years ago a lot has changed. Well maybe not so much. I am no longer working for Amate Studios but still keep in close contact with them. I am currently working as a floral designer. My new obsession is making purses. I haven't been able to find a purse that I am in love with at any store with a price tag that I wanted to pay. Seriously, anything over $30 is just ridiculious for my taste. Did you know that there a million free patterns to make purses on line? I never looked until last week and I can't stop looking. Now only if I had the time and money to make all the purses I want to I would be in heaven. On my day off last week I made a trek to Jo Ann's. I only spent 2 hours looking at all the fabric trying to decide what kind of purse I wanted to make. Well I actually had an idea when I went in but that always changes when you see all the choices! In the clearance section I found a black textured vinyl and a green vinly among other things. I found a pattern over at Ucreate crafts and got started. Here is my finished product!

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