Saturday, August 18, 2012

5 Strand Braided Suede Bracelet

While I love Pinterest it can be very frustrating! Most of the time when I "pin" something I try and click all the way through to the actual website. I want to make sure there are directions if there are supposed to be. Recently there was a pin that had several bracelets on it that were handmade. While the pictures showed what to do I need the written directions also. Well I pinned it and looked at it later and it directed me to a sight that was in another language. Not so big of a deal because I just clicked on interpret. Well when I did that it was a log in page that you needed to sign up for. Well I'm not one to sign up for a page when it is originally in another language so I was very frustrated. So my goal is to make several of the bracelets with written directions and pictures. We will see how I do!

Supplies Needed - Suede cording, pliers, scissors, ribbon crimps, jump rings, clasp, and something to help hold the suede cording together like a clip or you can knot the ends and put it around a nail in a piece of wood.

Start by measuring your wrist. Now times that measurement by 2. If your wrist is 7 inches you will get 14 inches. Now cut 5 14 inch pieces of the suede cord. Lay the suede cord pieces right next to each other. Clamp the ends together with the clip.

Each time I do this I have to start over a couple of times. So don't get to frustrated if you have to start over. Starting from the left side take the first three pieces and braid them together making sure the furthest left piece is on top of the second piece and  under the third piece.

Now it will look like you have two pieces on the left and 3 pieces on the right. Now you will use the 3 pieces on the right and braid them together. You will do the opposite of what you did on the left side. So you will make sure the furthest right side is over the fourth piece and under the third piece. Now you will go back to the left side where there should be 3 pieces and braid together. 

You will continue to go from left to right making one braid on the left and then one on the right. Remembering to start with the out side piece. I know that this is a little confusing but once you start playing with it it will get easier. Continue till you get the length you want.

You will actually have length left over. It makes it easier to braid if you have longer pieces.

I couldn't photograph the next step because I was using both of my hands to do it and no one else was at home to help. Cut the excess ends off of the braid in a straight line. Once cut hold the ends together and put the ribbon crimp on the ends. Use the pliers to crimp together. Now take off the clip from the other side and hold together. Cut the braid to the length you want. Remember when cutting that you will be adding a little extra length when you add the ribbon crimp, jump ring and clasp. Add the ribbon crimp to the ends. Use the pliers to crimp together. Add a jump ring to both ends of the ribbon crimps. Add a clasp to one of the ends. 

Here is the final product! I made one in green and one in black. The green photographed better but I kind of like the black one better in person. 

I hope my directions weren't to confusing and that they will actually help!  Now I have to decide which bracelet I will make next! 

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