Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation Food

With a family of 7 food can become quite expensive in vacations. While searching the internet for food options in the San Diego area many options came up. We found Casa de Pico in La Mesa that had the best Mexican food we have ever had. Prices were a little expensive for my liking but the servings looked big from walking by other tables. The husband and I shared a plate and we were glad we did. A couple of kids shares the taquitos appitizers. So because we shared we got out of there for $78 including tip. I thought it would be alot more.
we knew pizza would be a cheap option for food. I looked up Pizza in google. One of the first places that pulled up was Costco! Oh my gosh! We eat there when we shop, so why not when on vacation!  For food, drink and dessert we all ate for $19.73!!!!! The kids want to go back tomorrow. We might just do that.

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