Thursday, July 19, 2012

You Rock- Father's Day Photo Shoot

I am attempting to make my blog a little more personal along with the crafty side of me. What better way to start than to add pictures of my kids! I was short on time and $ for Father's Day so I decided to take my kids on a photo shoot. I took these pictures by a golf course near our neighborhood. It's really hot in Arizona in June so we got up and ready and were taking photos by 8:30am. That was not early enough! Feeling the side effects of a spider bite, a tetanus shot,very strong antibiotics and the heat made for a hot and quick photo shoot! Not to mention trying to get 5 kids to cooperate while taking photo's!

I'ts hard not to goof around while taking photo's. I had the kids each grab a rock and hold it up so I could add the saying, "You Rock Dad!" to the photo. When they put the rocks down they wanted to do "air" guitars and also say, "You Rock Dad!" I love my kids and am so blessed to have such great kids!

Here is a picture of the whole bunch in December. It was "Senior" Night at the football game. They honored all of the senior football players and had them and their families come on the field.

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