Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recycled Fence Sign

I work every other Saturday. I had last Saturday off and knew it was a great day to be cleaning my neglected house. I didn't want to clean my house because I was feeling crafty! I was feeling the need to use power tools. At my house we have a pile of scrap wood, most of it left over from other projects. I went and looked at the pile to see what was there and what would inspire me. In the pile there were several pieces of left over fencing that were very aged. 
I first decided how big I wanted the sign mostly based on how long the wood was. I used a circular saw to cut the pieces. ( The finished piece is approx 17 X 33) I also cut some thin strips of wood for the backing.  I cut them so that they would cover each of the bigger pieces with out going to the edges because I didn't want to see the back strips. 

Then I attached the thin strips of wood with nails to the back. 

After attaching the first thins strips of wood I realized that the top and bottom pieces of wood didn't seem stable enough so I added some more thin strips for stability. 

Next I used eye bolts and frame wire to hang the sign. 

I attempted to draw on the wood how the letters would look. After I did that I then used craft paint to paint, " Home is where the heart is." I didn't quite like how the heart turned out. I didn't like the shape or the color. I ended up using a small file to file off some of the paint to help shape the heart better. I also used some red glitter glue to sparkle up the heart. Now an empty wall in my front room has some decoration!

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