Wednesday, November 7, 2012

T-Shirt Pattern with Tuxedo Ruffle

I have a couple of favorite T-Shirts. You can tell they are my favorite because of the stains and holes! With some extra fabric laying around (ha ha) I decided to make a pattern out of my favorite T-Shirt and make a new T-Shirt. This was one of the easiest article of clothing that  I have ever made with out a store bought pattern! Even the beginning sewer can sew this T-Shirt. 

First Start by finding one of your t-shirts that is only two pieces of fabric. One that doesn't have sewn on sleeves. If you want to make a pattern for later use, lay the t-shirt onto wrapping paper and trace a pattern onto the wrapping paper making sure to add extra for the seam. Cut two pieces of fabric out. Lay the wrong sides together. If you want to pin the pieces together you can. Because this pattern is pretty straight forward I didn't pin my pieces together.

Start sewing by sewing the shoulders together. Then sew the sides together. 

Next sew your seams. I started with the bottom then the collar and sleeves. 

Here is the shirt I traced and the finished project.

I needed (wanted) to add something a little dressier to this t-shirt so I decided to add a tuxedo type ruffle. Measure how long you wand your ruffle to be. I wanted my finished ruffle to be approximately 14 inches so I cut my piece about 21 inches long. Fold a piece of fabric in half and cut a wave in the fabric the length you want. Cut a second piece about 1/2 inch smaller than the first piece. 

Ruffle each piece. 

Sew the larger ruffle piece onto the center front of the shirt. Then sew the second ruffle on top of the larger ruffle. After washing the ruffle will role a little bit. After I washed mine I ended up cutting the ruffle down. Try the shirt on and see how it looks. At first I felt the ruffles were jumping off of my chest!

Here's the finished product! 


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