Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Did you know that you could fit 7 grown women in a compact car? OK well not legally or comfortably. Most of us that were attending Ranger did not have cars. After Day 2 we were on our own for dinner. There were few choices close by for dinner. So 7 of us wanted to go to Cheese Cake Factory witch was about 15 minutes away. How would we all get there? We all crammed into a compact car! Someone has a picture of us in the car. I didn't get one because I put my purse in the trunk to help with space. Although at this point it probably wouldn't matter. I was sitting on Pennys lap with my back to the window. At some point a police car drove by stared at us. The police man drove a little past us and then turned around. We kept driving normal expecting to get pulled over. Either he never caught up with us or he couldn't find us. Kezia sweet talked the Hostess at Cheese Cake Factory to getting us in sooner than the 2 hour wait. They said that we would still have to wait 1 hour. So we all went shopping. The trunk of the car was empty except for a couple of purses before we started. Now look at it!

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