Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Final Day at Ranger U

These are some of the great women that I was privileged enough to hang out with and learn with. I tride taking a picture of Tim but it didn't turn out. The third day was filled with more Ink, Ink and Ink. We made another 16 tags to complete an aweome technique tag book. To say the least I think it was information overload. I think that we could have easily added another day and know one would have complained. Ranger gave us so much stuff to take home that the next day when I went to the airport my luggage weighed to much. I had to shift my stuff around so I wouldn't have to pay an additional $50 for 5 extra pounds. I think the luggage thing had gotten a little out of hand with the airlines. But oh well. After a very long story I made it home 10 hours later than I was supposed to but safe and sound. And that is what counts. I am very grateful for my experiences at Ranger U and thank Ranger U for inviting me. I almost forgot the most important part of all - I am now a Ranger Certified Instructor!!!

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  1. An extra day - I wanted an extra week! LOL It was great and fab to meet so many wonderful talented people - glad ypu got home eventually and cannot wait to see your projects

    Traci x